CM Mavit uses the most modern intraocular lenses

Our portfolio company, CM Mavit, uses new generation trifocal lenses in cataract surgery. These lenses provide comfort not only for both near and far vision, but also in middle distances, such as 60 cm. They make everyday activities, like reading or working on a computer, much easier.

CM Mavit technologia SMILE

The SMILE technology used by our portfolio company, CM Mavit, has been acknowledged as one of the most efficient and the safest Lasik technologies in the world. In 2013, CM Mavit was the first facility in Poland to introduce the innovative ReLEx® SMILE method for Lasik.

The Polish national handball team visited CM Mavit

Our portfolio company, CM Mavit, hosted the Polish national handball team. Ophthalmologists did thorough medical check-ups of players’ eye-sight. CM Mavit has been an official partner of Poland's Handball Federation for years and provides medical care for players from all age categories.

CM Mavit: Fund became majority shareholder

One of the founders and shareholders decided to sell its shares in Centrum Medyczne Mavit to the funds advised by Resource Partners. As a result of the transaction the funds increased its shareholding to 67% with the remaining shares owned by the CEO Andrzej Mądrala.

We became the majority stakeholder in CM Mavit

The previous co-owner of CM Mavit sold its stake. In 2010, we signed a capital increase agreement, according to which we took a 30% stake. After one of the two owners of the company sold us his stake, we have become the majority owner with 67% of shares.

Resource Partners invested in the development of MAVIT Medical Center

Funds managed by Resource Partners participated in the capital increase and acquired a 30% equity stake in Centrum Medyczne MAVIT Sp. z o.o.

We took a 30% share in CM Mavit

We signed an investment agreement to participate in a capital increase in Melvit, under which we acquired 30% of shares.