January 2015

Acquisition of the Chojecki company

Together with Ardian, an independent investor, we acquired the Chojeckicompany, aleading manufacturer of cookies, to merge it with our portfolio company, Delicpol. This transaction is part of our strategy ofbuilding a leading European confectionary producer.

The transaction wascompleted two years after an investment by us and by Ardianin Delicpol, a leading Polish manufacturer of Jaffa cakes, and a year after its add-on acquisition of Cuprod, another sizeable confectionary company. Tomasz Grzybowski will be the CEO of theDelicpol Group.

“The acquisition of Chojeckiis a part of our strategy implemented in 2013 by acquiring Cuprod to transform Delicpol into a leading European cookie manufacturer. Thanks to this transaction we will expand our product portfolio and gain new international clients,” said Aleksander Kacprzyk, Managing Partner of Resource Partners.

“By merging the Chojecki brand, with its modern production plant in Kamion, we significantly expand our product portfolio and gain access to new export markets. In the short-term it will also allow us to better meet clients' demands and should strengthen our position on the market,” said Tomasz Grzybowski, CEO of Delicpol.

"I established Chojecki 30 years ago. Merging with Delicpol Group, the leader in our industry, will allow further dynamic growth of the company on a very competitive market," added Janusz Chojecki, owner of the Chojecki company.

Increasing our stake in Golpasz S.A.

In accordance with an earlier agreement, we bought additional shares from the minority shareholders and increased our stake in Golpasz S.A. from 67 per cent to 85 per cent. We have been an investor in Golpasz S.A. since December 2015.

Kent Orrgren at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne

Kent Orrgren, CEO at World Class, performed at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne. The 5th annual event brought together top experts from different sectors of the industry and over 400 delegates from 34 countries to discuss human capital in the European fitness sector.