June 2010

Resource Partners is looking for mid-cap opportunities

The newest private equity fund has PLN 1.2 billion for investments in the retail and consumer sector. We are interested in supporting growth of the companies rather than taking them over, says Ryszard Wojtkowski, Managing Partner of the Fund.

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Puls Biznesu

LUX MED acquires MAVIT from the Founders and Resource Partners

The LUX MED Group has acquired CM MAVIT Sp. z o.o., which includes an ophthalmological hospital and diagnostic center in Warsaw and a specialist hospital in Katowice, offering medical services in the field of ophthalmology, maxillo-facial surgery and ENT. This is one of the largest transactions of this type on the Polish healthcare market in recent years.

Maczfit grows on diet

The company known for box-based diets, is becoming a market consolidator. As for now, it has built up space for almost threefold increase in sales.