January 2011

We became the majority stakeholder in CM Mavit

The previous co-owner of CM Mavit sold its stake. In 2010, we signed a capital increase agreement, according to which we took a 30% stake. After one of the two owners of the company sold us his stake, we have become the majority owner with 67% of shares.

We also decided to finance the company's investment in expanding the hospital in Katowice. Our involvement was EUR15 million.

Mavit Medical Center was established in 2000 as a Private Healthcare Facility and has been operating an ophthalmology center in the Bielany district of Warsaw. In 2003 the company opened an ophthalmology diagnostics center in the Ursynów district of Warsaw.

Increasing our stake in Golpasz S.A.

In accordance with an earlier agreement, we bought additional shares from the minority shareholders and increased our stake in Golpasz S.A. from 67 per cent to 85 per cent. We have been an investor in Golpasz S.A. since December 2015.

Kent Orrgren at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne

Kent Orrgren, CEO at World Class, performed at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne. The 5th annual event brought together top experts from different sectors of the industry and over 400 delegates from 34 countries to discuss human capital in the European fitness sector.