June 2024

2023 ESG Annual Report

On June 5 we celebrate World Environment Day, the perfect occasion to announce the publication of Resource Partners' first ESG Report.

Sustainability is in our DNA. We are passionate advocates of incorporating sustainability considerations into our investment decisions and practices.

We’re proud to showcase the tangible results of our efforts, both at the fund level and within our portfolio companies. In this report you’ll discover our ongoing journey towards making an impact in the world. Find out more about Resource Partners, our portfolio companies and the efforts we’re making to Empower Change. 

2023 ESG Annual Report

RP invests in Flex To Go, backing car rental agency’s expansion

Resource Partners is acquiring a significant stake in Flex To Go via its Luxembourg-registered fund, backing the largest chain of airport car rental outlets in Poland as it expands its operations in Germany and enters new European markets.

Resource Partners exits Tołpa to Bielenda

Resource Partners exits Tołpa to Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne („Bielenda”). Bielenda, supported by Innova Cap-ital will acquire 100% of shares in Torf Corporation, the owner of Tołpa and ON brands.