September 2022

Resource Partners with two PSIK 2022 awards

Resource Partners was recognized as Private Equity House of the Year for 2022 at PSIK, the Polish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association awards gala on September 19, 2022. Resource Partners made five investments in the evaluated period and executed two exits from Fund II: from Maczfit and Maced, achieving in both cases above 70% IRR, as well as an exit from Fund I investment in Golpasz. Fund II was fully invested, on top of that first future Fund III investment was made.

Piotr Noceń – Managing Partner at Resource Partners, was honoured with a Person of the Year award for leading a successful transaction in Maczfit, and 2 new portfolio investments. Piotr is also involved in PSIK activities as Head of PSIK Na zdrowie! Committee.





Resource Partners exits Tołpa to Bielenda

Resource Partners exits Tołpa to Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne („Bielenda”). Bielenda, supported by Innova Cap-ital will acquire 100% of shares in Torf Corporation, the owner of Tołpa and ON brands.

Małgorzata Bobrowska in Q&A with Real Deals

Małgorzata Bobrowska was interviewed by Real Deals Magazine on how Resource Partners delivered a 3x return and an 80% IRR with Maced exit.