About us

We are an independent, partner-owned, private equity investor. We originate the pipeline and make final investment decisions independently.

Resource Partners was created in 2009 by former core members of The Carlyle Group CEE. Since then we have successfully raised over EUR400 million to invest in small and medium sized companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

We specialize in fast-growing companies with experienced management, and we support them in managing rapid organic growth or through M&A transactions. As entrepreneurs, we understand our partners, their expectations and the problems they face. We bring our businesses the added value of our years of experience in management, advice and supervision of companies in the sector.

ESG Mission Statement:

We regard good business and social responsibility as two sides of the same coin. Only highly motivated employees can generate good investments, satisfy investors and hence lead us all to business success. All employees adhere to our key values and leadership principles and we treat the health, safety and career development of our teams as a top priority. We advocate transparent policies to achieve improved levels of sustainability in all our portfolio companies and we follow the strictest possible corporate governance standards.

In this way we try to work in the best interests of our stakeholders and the environment and succeed as a socially responsible investor.

We are UNPRI signatories.

We differ from other investors because:

We focus only on one industry

We invest in companies specializing in consumer products and services because we have unparalleled knowledge of this sector.

Quick decision-making process

We make decisions rapidly, but in accordance with the best practices of the investment process.


We build partnerships with owners, openly communicate with them, keep our promises, and follow the strictest possible corporate governance standards.

Anke Jager

Anke Jager is a Director (REEEP II Holdings S.à r.l. and Resource Partners GP III S.à r.l.) She is also an independent experienced Alternative Funds executive serving on boards of Fund GPs and investment structures, boards…

Costas Constantinides

Costas Constantinides is a Director (REEEP II Holdings S.à r.l.). He is highly experienced in delivering administration, financial reporting and corporate governance services to a portfolio of venture capital and private…

Ryszard Wojtkowski

Ryszard Wojtkowski is a co-founder and a Managing Partner. He joined The Carlyle Group as Fund Head and Managing Director for Central and Eastern Europe in 2007.

Aleksander Kacprzyk

Aleksander Kacprzyk is a co-founder and a Managing Partner. He joined The Carlyle Group as Director responsible for Central and Eastern European buyout investments in 2007. For four years he was an Investment Director at…

Piotr Noceń

Piotr Noceń is a co-founder and a Managing Partner. He joined The Carlyle Group in 2007. Prior to that he was the Investment Director and Partner at 3TS Capital Partners where he led and co-led three investments in telecoms,…

Małgorzata Bobrowska

Małgorzata Bobrowska is a co-founder and a Managing Partner. She joined The Carlyle Group in 2008, where she was responsible for transactions in consumer products, retail and manufacturing.

Dominik Smykla

Dominik Smykla is a Partner, CFO. He previously worked at PwC and was a member of the Business Restructuring team. He specialized in financial and operational restructuring of companies within consumer products industry, retail,…

Wojciech Pociecha

Wojciech Pociecha is a Managing Director. Previously, he was an Investment Analyst at KBC Private Equity, responsible for identifying and analyzing potential investments on the Polish market, structuring mezzanine and private…

Michał Grodzicki

Michał Grodzicki is an Investment Director. Earlier, he worked as an Investment Analyst at Darby Private Equity, and specialized in capital transactions, as well as mezzanine financing in Poland and the Baltic countries. He…

Izabela Sikorska

Izabela Sikorska is an Executive Assistant and Office Coordinator. Earlier, she was an administration assistant at Lakehouse Contracts in the United Kingdom where she assisted contractors, surveyors and estimators in the social…

Paulina Watrak

Paulina is a Receptionist. Earlier, she worked as a Problem Solver at Amazon in United Kingdom, where she was responsible for support and supervision in return, complaint and vendor liaison department.