Our major goal is the development of companies we invest in. We believe that the best measure of creating value is by increasing EBITDA so we invest in companies that can grow faster than their competitors while remaining profitable.

We focus on the sectors we know best – consumer products and services.

We specialize in providing capital for development, management buy-ins and buyouts of companies operating in Central European countries belonging to the European Union.

We are flexible, and we don't exclude any form of our investment. We make rapid decisions in a transparent manner. We can be either minority or majority stakeholders, as well as investing in stages as the company develops.

We are entrepreneurs, so we analyze company development strategy, something we have to understand before making an investment. We take an active part in managing companies and in preparing development strategies. During the due diligence process, we work with experienced managers and industry experts. They often become members of the supervisory boards of our companies. 

We are mid-term investors with a 3-5 years investment horizon.

We cooperate with small and medium sized companies that meet our ethical, social and environmental guidelines. We believe in active ownership.